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Leader of the Industry
Cheng Ho Hsing Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (CHH) has evolved from a local machine shop to a international manufacturer of steel mill equipment and scrap processing system. With more than 30 years of continuous growth is a proof of our success.

2014 Completed Newly designed mid size shredder with single cyclone air separator and ferrous separating system in United Kingdom.
2012 Installing 10,000HP shredder with triple rollers and separating system in China.

2009 Contracted/installed several sets of shredder and separating equipment in China.
2008 Design/manufactur whole steel plant equipments for a Taiwanese steelmaker.
2007 CHH in contract with Indonesian steel maker of 8000HP shredder
2006 1. Completion of designing new generation heavy duty shredder with 8000HP and triple feed rollers.
2. Expanded shredder business to Southeast Asia.
2004 1. Making design improvement of shredder capacity to 4000HP.
2. CHH expanded its business to Japanese recycling industry.
2003 Certified by ISO 9001:2000
2001 1. Applied cutting-age technique to develop High Power shredder.
2. 910-ton overhead crane approved by the Southern Labor Inspection Bureau.

1999 Developed Scrap car shredders; success expanded business to scrap recycling field.
1998 Certified by (ASME) with qualified pressure tank.
1995 1. Certified in ISO 9002.
2. CIS (Corporate Identity System) & EIS (Environment Identification System) applied; company logo and fonts created.
3. O2 P.S.A, Scrap Shredder.
4. Upgrated Computer hardware、software and network system to PENTIUN 586 with AUTOCAD R13.
1993 Relocated to the current plant, Lu Chu and officially renamed as Cheng Ho Hsing Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. In addition to the Melting equipment and Whole Line equipment, CHH started to supply a variety of machines and parts, including Billet Continuous Casting Machine, Reheating Furnace, Bar Mill equipment, De-Dusting and waste water treatment equipment.
1992 Planning for the construction of Lu Chu factory in response to expanding business.

1986 Hsiao Kang Factory established, successfully manufactured Electric Arc Furnace, P.S.A., Overhead Crane, and De-Dusting Equipment parts.
1985 Ta Shun factory was established, started supplying parts of Electric Arc Furnace and Continuous Casting Machine.

1977 Cheng Ho Hsing was established at Tun Hua Street, Kaohsiung.