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Reheating Furnace
Correctly heated billets are delivered from the furnace.

Mill Train
Shape of the product as a function of the roll pass design schedule.

Flying shear
Crop cutting: To crop sort head end and/or tail end to ensure that material is free from deformation cold split end.

Cobble cutting: In case of a cobble occurred the shear start and runs continuously to divide the material and give successive cuts of the remaining length of bar.

Dividing Shear
To divide bars into suitable cooling bed length.

Cooling bed
To cool straight bar lengths to a temperature suitable for subsequent processing, to align front ends of bars for better yield, to form layers for feeding to the cool shear.

Cold Shear
To cut cooling bed length bars in layers from the cooling bed into regular customer lengths.

Gauge beam with gauge head

To accurately position the bars to be cut by the cold shear into customer lengths.

Sub. Tying machine
To apply wire rod binds to each sub-bundle package.

Master Tying Machine
To apply wire ties to each bundle package received from the loose bundle run-out roller table.

Weighing Roller
To weigh and record tied bundles before discharged to unloading chain transfer chains.